Special Programs

Year 6 Leadership Program

The Year 6 Allendale Allstars leadership program is run each year. An emphasis is placed on civic responsibility, independent learning, goal setting, time management and global learning which will not only ensure ongoing enjoyment and motivation throughout the year but, will build skills to best prepare student's for their transition into high school. Students participate in a number of challenges throughout the year and all students are encouraged to participate. The challenges draw upon skills from all learning areas and are designed to require some extra effort from the students. Allstar points are given for each completed challenge and Allstar pins presented to students when they achieve a points milestone.  At the end of the year, one student will be awarded the Allendale Allstar Award at the graduation ceremony based upon their points, attitude and participation in the program. 

Throughout the year students will also be awarded Allstar Points for the following;

  •  Attendance (5 points per week max)
  • Wearing correct uniform (5 points per week max)
  • Home Reading (5 points per week max)
  • Positive Behaviour (5 points per week – positive behaviour choices)
  • Completing a week of civic service to the school (students may volunteer their time and efforts for Library Monitor, Reading Rockets, Environment Officer, Students on Duty or School Flags).  (10 point per week of service – max 4 weeks service per term)
  • School Representation (A season long commitment to a school represented sport or arts performance)
  • Completing a challenge (40 points per challenge)
  • Bonus points can be awarded for above and beyond efforts in each challenge (up to 10 points per challenge)

Student Leadership Badges

All students are presented with a badge. These badges give an opportunity for all Year 6 students to develop their leadership skills and we hope to inspire all students to stand up and be a good leader for Allendale Primary School.

MiniLit and MultiLit

Students with literacy concerns meet several times per week for targeted literacy support.

This is an intervention program run by Education Assistants who work to help students with low literacy skills. 

Digital Technologies

All students are able to take part in a special Digital Technologies program. They learn about coding, creative problem solving and special apps. 

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets takes place in the Library from 8:15-8:40 Monday-Friday (except assembly mornings). Staff send a letter home with students who are invited to attend. Priority is given to students who may not have the opportunity to read at home.  Reading is a key priority at Allendale Primary School and home reading is strongly encouraged.

Bali Sister School

Bali Sister SchoolAllendale Primary is very fortunate to have a sister school in Bali, SD1 Kaba Kaba.

SD1 Kaba Kaba does not have the resources that we have in Australia. Allendale students raise money to help buy materials for this school.

Each year many of our students and staff holiday in Bali and visit the sister school, taking over much needed resources.

PEAC (Primary Extension & Challenge)

Academically talented students have an opportunity to participate in the Gateway program in Years 5-6. Eligible students are identified by a test administered in Year 4. Generally speaking, about 4% of the student population qualifies for inclusion in the program. The Gateway program is conducted at Beachlands Primary School. Parents are responsible for transporting participating children to and from Beachlands Primary School.

Additionally Allendale Primary School promotes an extension (TAGS) program for high performing students in Years 4-6.

History and Cultural Awareness

Our students participate in a History and Cultural Awareness program as part of learning in the History and Social Sciences curriculum area. Students learn about various cultures and countries as part of the 21st Century program.

Each year the school holds NAIDOC celebrations with many activities and lessons focused on aboriginal culture.

Pastoral Care and School Chaplaincy

Our school is fortunate enough to have the school chaplaincy program with Ms Stewart working on Monday's and Tuesday's. Ms Stewart works with students individually and in small social skills groups. Ms Stewart also assists staff and parents.