Leadership Group

Allendale Primary School encourages students to develop leadership skills and independence. It also promotes rewards for positive behaviour and values students’ input into the running of our school. Our student leadership group of Student Councillors and House Captains assists with leading others.

Each year student leaders and faction captains are selected from the Year 6 cohort. Please click on the following links to see the current student leaders:

2021 School Councillors

2021 Faction Captains

Year 6 students are given many opportunities during their final year at Allendale. They attend a Leadership Day at the Geraldton Camp School, write speeches and present them to be in the running for leadership roles. Year 6 students are able to wear leaders shirts, run morning fitness activities and fundraise for their annual school camp or challenge week.


Allendale Primary School has four sports factions and we place siblings in the same faction.

Students are encouraged to wear their faction shirts on Fridays.

Our Athletics Carnival is held in Term 3 each year.

Crocs - Green Faction

Blue Sharks

Red Foxes

Yellow Hornets

Green - Crocs

Blue - Sharks

Red - Foxes

Yellow - Hornets


Bicycles & Scooters

Students who ride bicycles or scooters to school are required to leave them in one of the bike racks whilst they are at school.  It is strongly recommended that they be chained and padlocked for safekeeping. The Department of Education does not accept responsibility for theft or damage to any child’s bicycle/scooter brought onto the school property. Parents should make inquiries through their home contents insurance policy provider to insure their child’s bicycle/scooter. Bicycles/scooters are not to be ridden in the school grounds. Helmets must be worn when riding a bike/scooter.

Students are not to play near the bike racks and must not interfere with other people’s bicycles.

Students are not to bring ripsticks/skateboards to school.

Valuables at School

Students are encouraged NOT to bring toys or valuable items to school.  They must take full responsibility for valuable items they bring to school.  Radios, mobile phones, cassette players, iPODs, trading cards and electronic games are not to be brought to school.

Mobile Phone Policy

Bringing a mobile phone to school is discouraged. If mobile phones are brought to school they are to be handed in at the office from the time of the student’s arrival at school, until their departure from school. The school cannot accept any responsibility for theft or loss of mobile phones brought onto the school grounds. Phones bought to school and not handed in will be confiscated and returned to a parent only.

Under no circumstances may a mobile phone be used to harass, abuse or distract another person.

Parents are strongly encouraged to check their children’s sent and received text messages regularly.

The school's ICT User Agreement needs to be signed by parents each year to allow students to access the internet at school.

This form can be found here:

Forms and Documents