2020 Allendale Primary School Staff

The Allendale team consists of experienced and knowledgeable staff. This provides a sound knowledge base of the school's operation and students.

Allendale is a Teacher Development School 2016-2019 with curriculum expertise in English, Mathematics and the Early Years.

Promotional positions in the school are Principal and two Deputy Principals. There are 52 staff including non-teaching staff.

Executive Team

Executive Team Information
Principal Mr Chad Barnes
Deputy Principals Mr James Baker and Mrs Tammie Jones
Manager of Corporate Services Mrs Margaret Pollett
School Officers Ms Tanya Joseph and  Ms Moana Muntz

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff Information
ECE 1 Ms Beth Emmott and Mrs Kate Cassin
ECE 2 Ms Stephanie Briggs-Killick and Mrs Alesha Thompson
ECE 3 Mrs Janelle Kadry and Mrs Lyn Gow
Room 1 Year 2 Mrs Leisl Forsyth and Mrs Alesha Thompson
Room 2 Year 1/2 Mrs Sandy Davey and Ms Melissa Starling
Room 3 Year 2/3 Mrs Yasmin Venemore
Room 4 Year 3 Mrs Blythe Cook 
Room 5 Year 1 Ms Kirsten Carrick
Room 6 Year 1 Mrs Emma Smith
Room 7 Year 3/4 Ms Chloe Wilkinson
Room 8 Year 4 Ms Mikayla Collins
Room 9 Year 4/5 Mr Nick Baker
Room 10 Year 5/6 Mr Amos Steiger
Room 11 Year 5 Mrs Martine Thurkle
Room 12 Year 4/5 Ms Carina Marwitz
Visual Arts Mrs Helen Symington
Performing Arts/Music Ms Melanie Kerrigan
PE Mr Alan McDonald 
Health Mrs Margaret Ryder
Science Ms Melanie Kerrigan and Mrs Margaret Ryder

Other Roles

Other Roles Information
ICT Support Mrs Kerrie Wann
School Psychologist Ms Gemma Gardiner
Chaplain Ms Kate Stewart
Education Assistants Mrs Deb Molloy
Mrs Sharon Tesling
Ms Ashleigh Smith
Ms Joanne Paholski
Ms Kaitlyn Miller
Mrs Adele Edwards
Ms Wendy Wills
Mrs Debbie Gould
Mrs Margaret Hitch
Mrs Kerrie Wann
Mrs Yvonne Ortmueller
Mrs Vicki Coonan
Mrs Paula Wilkinson
Mrs Lyn Middler
Ms Ashlyn Gray
Mrs Bronwyn Keith
Ms Natalie Schulz
Mr Tom Denton
Mrs Helen Ash
Ms Cassidy Rolston
Ms Helen Kelly
AIEOs Mrs Bev Drage
Mr Allan Headland
Library Officer Ms Adele Edwards
Cleaners Ms Georgie Williamson
Mr Johnny Lazarou
Ms Preeya Osborne
Ms Kyra Jupp
Canteen Ms Jenny Hanson
Mrs Jasmah Johnson
Gardener Mr Matthew Smith

Dental Therapy Centre

Dental Therapy Centre Information
Dental Officer Mr Marcus Quo
Dental Therapists Ms Emilee Beven and Ms Chloe Ovenden

Dental Assistants

Ms Belinda Barndon, Ms Kacey Wann and Ms Rebecca Slape