Students MUST attend school every day unless they are ill.  Attendance is compulsory and every absence must be explained by written or verbal information from parents or caregivers.  Please advise your child’s teacher of any illness or injury that is likely to result in an absence of more than a few days.

When is it ok to miss school?

Parents can text message their child’s absence on the school mobile on 0467 766 500. We use SMS messaging to follow up on school attendance. All students who are not at school by 10:00am are recorded as absent and parents or legal guardians will be sent an SMS message. We ask that all families have their mobile phone recorded at our school office so that we can send out the message to the right contact person.

Schools are responsible for monitoring the attendance of students and must follow up unexplained absences. We also monitor the frequency and number of absences, even when the parent has provided an explanation. The Department’s policy states that the school must investigate a student’s attendance if it falls below 90% i.e. more than 5 absences per term.

Arrival at School

Students should arrive at school between 8:15am and 8:30am.  Students are not to arrive prior to 8:00, when supervision begins in the undercover area.  Students who arrive prior to 8:30am should wait in this area where they will be supervised.

It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure your children arrive in time to prepare for the day and be settled before lessons start. 

Leaving School Grounds

Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds for lunch without written permission of their parent/caregiver. 

Picking students up during school hours

Students can only leave the school during lesson times for unavoidable appointments.  Anyone picking a student up must sign them out at the office first and take an authorisation slip to the teacher. NO student can be released from class without this authorisation slip.

End of day arrangements for students

School concludes at 3:00pm and students walking home should leave the school grounds promptly. Parents picking up students after school should do so within 5 or 10 minutes of the bell, with all students expected to have left the premises by 3:30pm.

Day Care providers should collect students from the front office. Early pickups (prior to 3:00pm) by Day Care are not permitted. Teachers are not permitted to release students early unless the parent or carer has obtained a leave pass from the office.

Those students who attend sport training at the school in the afternoons are required to go home as soon as training finishes. Brothers and sisters of those training are not to remain at school.

Bus Students

  1. Have a drink and toilet stop before arriving at the bus stop.
  2. Walk to the bus stop on the footpath.
  3. Remain 1 metre from the curb at all times.                   
  4. Wait on the bench near the hall until 3.06pm departure.
  5. Report to the Principal or Deputy if departing with parent.
  6. Shoes are to be worn at all times.
  7. Good behaviour will be rewarded.
  8. Follow the Bus Code of Conduct developed in partnership with Allendale Primary School and Geraldton Bus Services.
  9. Remain at the bus stop until your bus arrives.


Please do not park in the staff car park. This is reserved for staff only.
Parents can park in the School Hall car park on Wittenoom Street which is reverse parking. Parking is also available in Marsden Street and Wittenoom Street. Please exercise extreme caution when setting down and picking up children.