Our Vision, Values and Beliefs

Our Vision

Allendale Primary School is a place where we work together to develop independent and collaborative learners preparing them as future citizens.

Our Values

Respect, Responsibility, Courtesy and Honesty are the 4 core values that produce the solid foundation upon which our approaches to teaching and learning are built. They form the structure upon which we support our families to develop social and civic responsibility and sense of pride and belonging in our school and community. A strong spirit of collaboration between child, family community and school is adopted.

Our Beliefs

Respect and concern for others and their rights

Students to be tolerant of others, to be caring and compassionate and show concern for the well being of others and their property. Members of the school community have the right to feel respected and valued.


We take responsibility for our actions and accept consequences. Education being the responsibility of all the students and their family, the school and community.


We want students to be honest, sincere and seek the truth.


We display respect and an appreciation for others in our school.


We do the right thing by others and ourselves ensuring consistency between words and deeds.

Pursuit of Knowledge and Excellence We are committed to learning, continuous self improvement and the achievement of individual potential and excellence. The pursuit of excellence through models of best practice.
A Fair Go

We treat all people fairly and free from discrimination. We embrace and celebrate diversity and multiculturalism.


We are committed to a learning environment that is emotionally, physically and socially safe where everyone respects the rights of others.


We promote teamwork and leadership to inspire and empower students and staff.

A Strong Curriculum

Providing a comprehensive, innovative and challenging curriculum for all.

Environmental Responsibility

We want students to commit to respecting and showing concern for Australia’s environment and have a strong understanding of sustainability.


Striving to be inclusive of all students in the teaching and learning curriculum.


Motivation as a powerful learning tool for students and staff.

Staff  Values

Supporting the professionalism and commitment of all staff.

Health Focus

Optimising learning through a positive attitude and an active & healthy body.

Our Motto

Strive to Succeed

Our School Creed

This is our school, let peace dwell here
Let the rooms be full of contentment.
Let love abide here, love of one another.
Love of mankind, love of life itself.
And love of all.
Let us remember that many hands build a house.
So many hearts make a school.