Our Vision, Values and Beliefs

Our Vision

Allendale Primary School is a place where we work together to develop independent and collaborative learners preparing them as future citizens.

Our Values

Respect, Responsibility, Courtesy and Honesty are the 4 core values that produce the solid foundation upon which our approaches to teaching and learning are built. They form the structure upon which we support our families to develop social and civic responsibility and sense of pride and belonging in our school and community. A strong spirit of collaboration between child, family community and school is adopted.

Our Beliefs

Our community believes that effective teaching is fundamental to achieving our goal of success for student.

Our teachers and support staff will :

  • Strive to motivate and engage all their students in learning
  • Personalise the learning for their students
  • Use contemporary strategies that challenge and engage students
  • Have high expectations of student learning and behaviour and assist students to meet those expectations
  • Use techniques that best serve the learning needs of their students - ie digital technologies
  • Have a thorough knowledge of their subject content and skills - they inspire their students with a love of learning
  • Provide a safe and orderly environment so students can achieve their potential
  • Monitor each students achievement and provide them with regular feedback
  • Engage in reflective practice and search for more effective ways of teaching
  • Develop productive relationships with their students - always treat students with respect and encourage working collaboratively to benefit student learning
  • Display inclusive practices for all students
  • Care for every child and promote the health and wellbeing for all

Our Motto

Strive to Succeed

Our School Creed

This is our school, let peace dwell here
Let the rooms be full of contentment.
Let love abide here, love of one another.
Love of mankind, love of life itself.
And love of all.
Let us remember that many hands build a house.
So many hearts make a school.