General Information

Term Dates 2021

Term 1 Monday 1 February - Thursday 1 April
Term 2 Tuesday 20 April - Friday 2 July
Term 3 Tuesday 20 July - Friday 24 September
Term 4 Tuesday 12  October - Thursday 16 December

The first Monday of each school term is a School Development Day for staff and a pupil free day for students.

School Times

With these times all students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Crunch n Sip program with the support of their parents packing a small, healthy fruit or vegetable snack for them each day. Fruit bowls are still delivered to classes each day and students will be given the opportunity to have Crunch n Sip at 10am and 2pm.

School will start and finish at the same time, with the remainder of the day scheduled as follows:

Classrooms Open to begin the day 8:30am
School Starts 8:40am
Morning Fitness 8:40-9:00am
Recess 11:00 - 11:25am
Lunch 1:25 - 2:00pm
School Finishes 3:00 pm

Duty Teachers

Administration and teachers are rostered on playground supervision before school and at all recess and lunch periods. These teachers are in the playground to watch over the welfare of the students and to take care of any difficulties which may arise. The students are expected to refer to the duty teachers when problems occur. Duty staff wear bright fluorescence vests and are easily identified by students.

One staff member is rostered on Bus Duty to supervise students who catch education buses (orange bus) at the bus stop in Wittenoom Street after school. Students require a Smart Ride card or money to allow them bus access.

Change of address and enrolment details

Parents are required to keep the school informed of any changes to address or caregiver’s phone numbers. This is essential to allow quick contact with parents in emergency situations.

Communication with classroom teachers

Parents are encouraged to make direct contact with classroom teachers to deal with matters of concern. For quick matters, immediately before or after school are ideal times. For more involved matters, an interview time will need to be made with the teacher. Any parent wishing to discuss concerns with the School Executive regarding their child’s teacher will need to have addressed the concerns with the teacher first.

Please keep the teacher informed of anything that may impact on the child’s emotional wellbeing at school. This allows the teacher to be proactive and support your child through difficult situations.

Parent Teacher meetings

Parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns about their child’s progress with the class teacher. Parents wishing to meet with teachers are requested to make an appointment by sending a brief note with their child or by phoning the school office and requesting an appointment.

Open days are held during the school year to allow parents to view students' work and to discuss progress and achievements.

Complaints & Concerns

From time to time parents may encounter difficulties or concerns. When this occurs, parents are encouraged to endeavour to resolve the issue informally. It often helps to seek information or an explanation about your concern, or to speak directly to the person involved. Please contact the Principal or a Deputy Principal if you require assistance in clarifying an issue.

Custody Orders

Parents who have custody orders that affect access to children or their records need to provide the school with a copy of the relevant order so that the school is able to implement it. This also applies to restraining orders. All custody and restraining orders must be CURRENT.


Dogs are not allowed at school.  They present a health and safety risk in the playground, and create fear and tension for some students.  Please support these students and help keep the school grounds clean by making Allendale Primary School a DOG FREE ZONE – even out of school hours.

Reporting to Parents



Week 3

Parents invited to make contact with class teachers.

Teachers introduced at assembly.

Parents are invited to classroom meetings.


To be advised

Open Day - Focus on Student Achievement


Week 10

Formal student reports sent home to parents.


Week 10

Formal student reports sent home to parents.


School newsletters are issued fortnightly to the youngest child in the family. Please keep an eye out for the newsletter!  It contains useful information about the school’s activities. The newsletter is also uploaded onto the school website and app. A link to the newsletter is then published on the Facebook page on the day of publication.


Assemblies occur fortnightly each term. Their main purpose is to acknowledge student achievement and to communicate information.  Dates and times for assemblies are advertised in the school newsletter, the term planner, the app calendar and the website events calendar. Classes take turns to organize and conduct these events and to present an item.

Attendance by parents and interested community members is always appreciated by students and staff.

Transferring to other schools

Inform the office staff as soon as you know your child will be moving to another school. This allows all the necessary arrangements to be made for your child’s school materials to be taken to the new school.


Homework is a valuable means of consolidating and reinforcing what has been taught in the class. In junior years it usually takes the form of daily oral reading or spelling. In middle and senior years children are required to complete more set homework. Parents are asked to assist whenever needed.  Homework may not be provided on a regular basis, but may be included by the teacher whenever appropriate.

Year 6 students are encouraged to participate in the Leadership Challenge Program on learning area challenges.

Home Reading - Reading Stars

Students are encouraged to read each night and record it in their reading journal. Prizes are given for milestone number of nights beginning at 50 nights through the reading program.

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets takes place in the Library from 8:15-8:40 Monday-Friday (except assembly mornings). Staff send a letter home with students who are invited to attend. Priority is given to students who may not have the opportunity to read at home.  Reading is a key priority at Allendale Primary School and home reading is strongly encouraged.

Excursions and Incursions

Parents are informed in writing of any excursions. Written permission and payment of any costs are required before a student is permitted to attend an excursion. Parents are requested to return permission slips promptly to facilitate the organization required for excursions. Students must wear school uniforms on excursions.

Incursion information is included in the school newsletter and in classroom notes. Please look out for these details and return any payments to class teacher in an envelope with the exact money enclosed and the child’s name on the front. Health forms are required for students participating in excursions.


Accident Insurance needs to be met by parents through their Insurance Company.

Crunch and Sip

Allendale is a “Crunch n Sip School”. Students can bring healthy fruit and vegetable snacks and a drink bottle of water into class to crunch and sip throughout the day.

Healthy Food

Students are encouraged to bring healthy recess and lunch foods – fresh fruits, vegetables and sandwiches. No cool drinks are permitted and processed snacks are discouraged.

Ordering Lunches

Students must order their lunch before school. The canteen is a small business run by the P&C. They are unable to extend any credit facilities to any families. You are welcome to pay for lunches in advance, but do not ask for lunches to be provided without payment accompanying the order.

The canteen now has EFTPOS facilities.

The current canteen menu can be found here:

Canteen Menu

Uniforms are also available for sale at the canteen.

Parents and caregivers are required to assist in the canteen. Please see the canteen manager to offer your support.

Contributions and Charges

The Education Department permits the school to seek payment of contributions for each student enrolled at the school.  While the contribution is only a small amount, it does provide the school with funds to purchase equipment which is valuable in the education of students enrolled at the school. This amount is endorsed by the School Board each year.

Prompt payment of the contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Please click to see our 2020 Contributions and Charges List.

2022 Contributions and Charges

Payment envelopes will be distributed in Term 1 - February, 2020.

School Contribution - 1 Child - $40

Stationery Supplies

The P&C organise for stationery and booklist orders to be placed at the end of the school year for the next year. These are supplied and available for pick up from the hall in the two days prior to school recommencing. Booklists are available here or from the front office.

Booklist: Kindergarten 2022

Booklist: Pre Primary 2022

Booklist: Year 1 2022

Booklist: Year 2 2022

Booklist: Year 3 2022

Booklist: Year 4 2022

Booklist: Years 5 and 6 2022

Please note: the Ziggies link on the above files does not work. It needs to be copied and pasted.

Names Required on Stationery

All student items must be clearly labeled with your child’s name. All stationery is then given to the classroom teacher.

Consumable Items

Most of the items on the booklist are required by students each day and need to be replenished every term. Please keep your child supplied with their essential equipment so they can quickly set about their work.

Internet and Email Policy

Students are required to sign an Acceptable Usage Agreement to ensure they will comply with our Internet and Email Policy. Forms and further information can be found here:

Internet and Email Policy Information

Information Booklet

For more detailed information about Allendale Primary School, please download our Information Booklet.

For more detailed information about Kindergarten and Pre Primary, please download the Early Childhood Education Booklet.

2022 Parent Handbook

2022 Early Education Handbook