The school buildings have been added to since 1952 with the assistance of the P & C and the Department of Education. Some of the improvements include:

  • A large art-craft room
  • A library built in 2014
  • A school hall built by the P & C and Allendale community
  • An air conditioned performance arts room
  • A music room built by the P & C
  • A dental therapy clinic
  • Construction of an under-cover area adjacent to the canteen
  • Upgrade of toilets and provision of a disabled toilet
  • A large outdoor seating area with shade
  • Computer cabling and wireless networking of all teaching areas
  • A Physical Education shed was donated by the P&C in 2015
  • Many murals and areas around the school have been painted enhancing the school grounds.
  • Shade, a paved lunch area, murals and garden improvements in the Early Childhood Centre.
  • Kitchen refurbishments in the Junior Block.
  • Garden enhancements including oval rejuvenation.
  • Upgrade to staff toilets in 2018
  • A fully equipped Science classrooom was built in 2018
  • A sensory room 
  • 2021 Upgrade of the cluster adding in solid walls and doors
  • 2021 Lisa Criddle Board Room created for meetings and tele-conferences.


The school has excellent information technology facilities. The Library is a technology hubs for the school.

All classrooms have an interactive whiteboard. Our library has a bank of desktop computers and laptops for students to access whilst they are in the library. All of our technology is being continually upgraded to assist students with research and learning.

The school currently owns 174 iPads, 70 laptops and 60 desktop computers. We have several laptop trolleys to house this equipment.

In 2014 Allendale had a full server and wireless network upgrade to SOE4. This allows students and staff to be able to access the internet wherever they are in the school.

In early 2017 a wireless access point was installed into each classroom to ensure more reliable service for all technology users.

We were a part of the Primary Device Program where the Department of Education supports the schools focus in technology expenditure in preparation for NAPLAN online in 2017 and 2018.

We were also involved in the 2016 Digital Technologies Program.

School Psychology Service

Our school has access to a School Psychologist who is based at Allendale Primary School, whose duties include assisting teachers or parents to gain a detailed analysis of a student’s ability or areas of weakness, as well as considering the child's social, emotional or other behavioural areas. A student’s teacher in consultation with the parents will recommend a referral to gain a clearer understanding of a student’s educational abilities where this is considered of considerable importance. Parent permission must be approved before a School Psychology Service Referral is requested.

The school has access to a Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist.  Referrals for speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy are made at the request of teachers with parent permission via the Learning Support (LSC) Coordinator to Midwest Allied Health Services.

Dental Therapy Centre

A Dental Therapy Centre is located behind the canteen.  Parent permission forms MUST be completed before any treatment can be commenced.  Services offered include at least one general examination per 12-18 months, extractions (baby teeth only), fillings, X-rays, simple orthodontic work and treatment for emergencies that occur during working hours.

Telephone number:  (08) 99214218