Behaviour Management

The school behaviour management policy is based around encouraging and teaching students to make positive choices regarding their own behaviour and to stay in control at all times, ensuring the school environment is a safe place for all.

Our behaviour expectations:

Respect Show respect to self, staff, students and property.
Courtesy Show thoughtfulness and care to everyone in our school.
Honesty Always tell the truth.
Responsibility Take responsibility for your actions, words and behaviours.

Allendale Primary School has positive rewards and incentives for students who choose to follow the school code of conduct.

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Behaviour Brochure

Rights, Responsibilities and Behaviour Matrix

Our Bullying Flyer

Management of Student Behaviour


  • 1st incident - warning
  • 2nd incident - time out in the classroom
  • 3rd incident - time out in buddy classroom
  • 4th incident - refer to School Executive Team

Classroom teachers keep a record of student misbehaviour and communicate regularly with parents via email or telephone.

Severe Clause

Incidents of severe misbehaviour such as fighting, stealing, swearing and threatening others will be referred to the School Executive team immediately.


Students who misbehave during recess or lunch will have their names recorded on the pink playground slip.  Duty teachers will counsel these students immediately and wherever possible, resolve the matter.  Serious misbehaviour will be referred to the School Executive Team.


Students referred to the School Executive Team for inappropriate behaviour may engage the following consequences:

  • Restorative Practice – students involved to say what happened, identify their inappropriate actions and restore relationships with all affected people.
  • Detention – the student is removed from the playground for a set period of time to sit in a supervised withdrawal room. Parents are notified in writing and by telephone.
  • Suspension – the student is not permitted to attend school for a set period of time. Parents are notified and interviewed regarding suspension situations. A parent/guardian must accompany their child for a meeting with the School Executive Team on returning to school.

Bullying Prevention

The school will not tolerate behaviour that causes intimidation, threat or harassment.  Bullying is a conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten another person.  It can be physical or verbal in nature.  All students are encouraged to report bullying incidents so it can be dealt with appropriately. Parents will receive a bullying brochure to assist them in dealing with any issues.

Rights and Responsibilities of Students, Staff and Teachers



  • learn in a purposeful and supportive environment without disruption.
  • work and play in a secure, friendly and clean environment.
  • have their person and property respected.
  • be heard in an appropriate forum.

  • ensure that their behaviour is not disruptive to the learning of others.
  • ensure that the school environment is kept friendly and tidy.
  • ensure that they are punctual, polite, prepared and display a positive manner.
  • behave in a way that protects the safety and well being of others.
  • respect others and their property


  • have their person and property respected
  • teach in a secure, friendly and clean environment
  • teach in a purposeful and non-disruptive environment.
  • cooperation and support form parents in managing a child’s behaviour.
  • support from the school executives in the behaviour management of students.

  • model respectful, courteous and honest behaviour.
  • recognise and reinforce positive behaviour.
  • contribute to maintaining a clean and secure school environment.
  • establish positive relationships with colleagues, students and parents.
  • collaborate with staff in managing the behaviour of students.
  • ensure good organisation and planning.
  • be aware and cater for different cultural, disability and individual needs.
  • report on student social development to parents.


  • expect their child to learn in a supportive environment without disruption.
  • expect their child to learn and play in a secure, friendly and clean environment.
  • be informed about their child’s progress.
  • be informed of the behaviour management procedures and decisions affecting their child’s health and welfare.
  • be heard in an appropriate forum on matters related to their child.

  • ensure that their child attends school.
  • ensure that the physical and emotional welfare of their child is conductive to effective learning.
  • ensure that their child is provided with appropriate materials to maximise their use of the learning environment.
  • be aware and supportive of the school dress code and the school rules.
  • support the school in managing their child’s behaviour.

Code of Conduct

  1. Students will keep hands to themselves and respect others.
  2. Students must follow teacher directions.
  3. Students must be safe by walking on paths and verandahs.
  4. Students must sit down to eat and eat in set areas.
  5. Students must walk bikes inside the school grounds.
  6. Students must play in designated areas.
  7. Students must respect school and others property.
  8. Students must abide by the school policies and procedures and classroom codes of behaviour.

Parents play a significant role in support our endeavours in trying to provide all children with a safe and positive learning environment. Please discuss these guidelines with your child. Teachers and the school Executive team will keep in contact with parents if issues arise. Please contact the class teacher for any further information.