Our School

Allendale Primary School opened in 1952 and is situated in the centre of Geraldton, Western Australia. The school was built on land formally used as tomato gardens donated by the local Allen family. Our school is dedicated to providing an innovative, contemporary and outstanding learning environment for our students. We became an Independent Public School in 2015 and we work with other schools within the Geraldton Network. We were chosen to be a Regional Teacher Development School for 2016-2017 and again from 2018-2019 in the areas of English, Mathematics and Early Years.

Allendale Primary SchoolWe are committed to providing a safe and happy learning environment in which we strive to ensure that every student is a successful student and every teacher is a highly effective teacher. We take pride in ensuring that the learning needs of all students are carefully considered and appropriate curriculum adjustments are made to ensure their success. Allendale Primary School continues to develop and strengthen its strong reputation for the quality teaching and learning programs, the commitment and professionalism of staff, the stimulating physical environment and our focus on the individual child.

The average school ICSEA (Index of Community Social Disadvantage) is 1000. Allendale Primary School has an ICSEA of 875. When like schools comparisons are used they are made against schools with a similar ICSEA to our school.

Currently our school enrolment is 396 with approximately 114 students being Aboriginal, 11 migrant families and 20 students with a non-English speaking background. We enjoy an increase in students having English as their second language. This multi-cultural blend of the families attending the school contributes to a well developed sense of shared community.