Parents and Citizens Association

This is your association and deserves your support!

The P & C contribute toward school facilities and operates the canteen, uniform shop and other fundraising ventures.

Involvement in the P&C is one of the best ways of being aware of school activities and what is planned to improve the school environment for your child. There are many ways of supporting this organisation, however personal involvement is the one most appreciated. Meetings are held twice per term.

From time to time the P&C engages in fundraising and social activities, or arranges busy-bees at which parents can mix with and meet others. To date the association has been an active contributor to the school’s educational program and the development of school facilities. It is hoped that you will help maintain this support.

The 2021 P&C office bearers are:

  • President - Ms Bronwyn Keith
  • Vice President - Ms Adele Edwards
  • Treasurer - Mrs Deanne Von Senger
  • Secretary - Mr Guy Isbister
  • Executive committee - Mrs Bronwyn Keith, Ms Adele Edwards, Mrs Leah Pettit, Ms Carly Christensen, Ms Robin Sherman and Mrs Linda Mason
  • Bookclub - Ms Adele Edwards
  • Fundraising Coordinators - Ms April Healy and Ms Nicole Walsh
  • Fundraising Committee - Mrs Jasmah Johnson, Mrs Linda Mason, Ms Robin Sherman, Mrs Deanne Von Senger, Mr Dean Pascoe, Ms Lillian Jones and Ms Deb Molloy

We thank the P&C for their funding as it is wonderful for our school and helps to enhance school programs and grounds.